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  • Created CGNTV Operation Committee for Middle East, Europe and African Regions
  • Released Documentary Film “Seo Seo-pyeong, Slowly and Peacefully”
  • Named as ICVM Best International Film for a documentary “Black Mountain”
  • Won Best Sketch Comedy Award in Seoul Webfest for “Sweet Bitter Macaron”
  • Opened Thai CGNTV IPTV Christianity TV Network
  • Founded CGNTV local corporation in Taiwan
  • Received Best Report Award from Korea Christian Reporter Association for CGN Today’s “Numbers on Mission Series”
  • Named as Best Missionary Film by Korea Christian Media Awarding Committee for “Because I Love”
  • Received Excellent Donation Film Award from Korea Christian Media Awarding Committee for “Hyeonmuk’s Minimal Life”
  • Aired “Spring Again”, the first special TV drama


  • CGNTV 11th Anniversary Thanksgiving Service
  • Installed 10,000th satellite antenna for DREAM ON campaign
  • Won Best Brand Series Award from Kweb Fest for Oh my John!, the 1st web drama produced by a Korean Christian broadcaster
  • Inauguration of 4th CGNTV CEO Yong-Kyung Lee
  • Received Korea Christian Media Award for KNOCK Mini Human Documentary Series in Christian Culture category
  • Preview of documentary film Seo Seo-Pyeong: Slowly and Peacefully (tentative title)


  • CGNTV 10th Anniversary Celebration Service for reaffirmation of its missionary devotion
  • Broadcast of special documentary Black Mountain: In Search of the Lost Times in commemoration of the 130th anniversary of missions in Korea
  • Thanksgiving service for the foundation of HONG KONG CGN World
  • Partnership MOU with Creation TV in Hong Kong
  • Partnership MOU with Church of Christ in Thailand
  • Partnership MOU with ROCK Media Ministry in Egypt
  • Received Korea Christian Media Award for documentary MK’s Confession and Korea Christian Journalist Association Grand Prize for news report Refugee Exodus, Finding Hope


  • CGNTV UAE co-hosted Media Missions Conference
  • Overseas assignment of 1st media missionaries
  • Establishment of CGVTV INDONESIA in Jakarta


  • CGNTV 8th Anniversary Celebration Service for reaffirmation of its missionary devotion
  • Coordinated Press conference in October for pastors Francis Chan and David Platt visiting Korea


  • Establishment of CGNTV UAE Abu Dhabi Production Center
  • Launched a cable channel on CJ Hello Vision Cable TV
  • Won Best Missions Film Award for documentary Smile Lac Rose at Pan Pacific Film Festiva
  • Inauguration of 3rd CGNTV CEO Jay Kun Yoo


  • CGNTV JAPAN began Agape CGN ministry in Japan
  • Launched a live streaming IPTV channel on KT and LG (telcos)
  • Kicked off UHD Internet broadcasting
  • CGNTV 6th Anniversary Celebration Concert
  • CGNTV JAPAN established a local church network throughout 47 prefectures in Japan


  • HD conversion of production studio systems
  • Launched smart phone application service
  • Establishment of CGNTV THAILAND Bangkok Production Center


  • Live broadcast of Commemorative Ceremony of 150 Years of Christian Missions in Japan
  • Launched a digital terrestrial TV channel in US
  • Started cable broadcasting in Thailand via HTV
  • Completion of missions training by all employees


  • Launched CGN mobile services
  • Established CGNTV TAIWAN Taipei Production Center
  • Started satellite broadcasting of seminary courses in Latin America
  • Launched a channel on C&M Cable TV


  • Established Osaka branch for CGNTV JAPAN
  • Live broadcast of Tokyo Love Sonata
  • Launched a regular donation program
  • Began to broadcast over IS-10 satellite beam (Expanded coverage to Africa, Mongolia and Guan area)


  • Signed strategic partnership agreement with Arabic Christian broadcasters SAT-7 and TURK-7
  • CGNTV USA began broadcasting in Spanish
  • Established CGNTV JAPAN


  • Foundation of CGNTV
  • Launched Project Dream On to install satellite antennas in mission fields
  • Established CGNTV USA