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Yong-Kyung Lee, CEO of CGNTV
For a Single Soul, ‘Reaching out Further Stepping in Closer’

CGNTV was founded in 2005 for Korean missionaries who follow God's great mandate to be His "witnesses to the ends of the earth" in hostile and remote corners of the world. Thanks to our generous supporters, we have been able to broadcast Christian contents 24/7 in 9 different languages in 170 countries, uninterrupted by commercials. God has helped us plant the seed of hope in Japan, a country notoriously known to be a dead end for Christian missionaries, by organizing "Love Sonata" cultural evangelism conferences jointly with Onnuri Church and local Japanese churches. He also provided us with many local helpers in the Buddhist country of Thailand and the world's most populous Muslim country of Indonesia. The broadcasting medium, initially satellite, was later diversified to include mobile, IPTV and social networks. The content format now ranges from Bible studies and special seminars to documentaries, films (e.g. Seo Seo-Pyeong, Slowly and Peacefully) and dramas (e.g. GoGoSong). All of these were made possible by the grace of God. God has done it, not we.

Today Christian media is more important than ever. Less and less people connect to God's word through the printed media, and the efficiency of the media has changed along with the fast-changing lifestyles. It is also harder to attract the attention and move the minds of global viewers. Many young people do not attend church services and 50% of Korean churches are without Sunday school programs: an alarming situation for the future generation of Christians.

CGNTV will meet these challenges proactively and address the rapidly changing value system of our time. We will take the lead to make it right for the media, taking charge against the sinister forces distorting the Gospel and denying the legacy of Creation. The CGNTV staff of 160 will not rest until the whole world is evangelized with the Good News of Jesus Christ beyond the barriers of class, generation, language, culture, and national boundaries. We will stay faithful together with the 32,000 donors, prayer supporters, and loyal subscribers to the mission God has commissioned to us. Thank you so much for your prayer and support.

Yong-Kyung Lee